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From a social responsibility app to marketing and customer relationship management via developer and dev-ops tools, we've got a few pies in the oven. We're a young company and we're not quite ready to launch yet but we're working on some ideas which we hope you'll find exciting.


Although a young company we're old hands in the software development and delivery world. Just a few of the areas where we think we might be able to help are: Data analysis, integrations, agile & lean consultancy, developer mentoring, dev-ops & continuous delivery advice and setup.

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What We Are

Whether you're using one of our products or engaging with us on your custom build, you can be assured of the following

Unique Solutions - why reinvent the wheel? We solve new problems with imaganative solutions - if a solution to your problem exists already we'll tell you about it, free of charge.

Personal Touch - unlike larger players, you will always be dealing with an individual or team dedicated to you.

Bullet proof and gold plated - our applications and solutions are polished: clean code, automated tests, documentation, monitoring, logging and support. We're proud of what we do and it shows.